Here’s How Social Media for Rich Goes!

Here’s How Social Media for Rich Goes!

Here’s How Social Media for Rich Goes!

Social networking is all about bringing people closer, the ones that are separated by distance. Different social media sites are developed with the sole object of letting the members communicate with each other and also promote product and services on the medium that has both sellers and buyers. Apart from the regular social media sites that give space to people of all type and background, there are a few exclusive social network sites that I’ll be talking to today in this article. These rare species of social networking has been holding the 1 percent population, where only elite class pops up and gets social within people of their stature.



The top exclusive social networking sites!

Rich kids– Rich kids are the most exclusive social media for the rich. Here for membership, you shall spend 1000 Euros, and only members are allowed to post and enjoy the various benefits that come as features of this network. Here rich kids post pictures, flaunt their precious possessions, and enjoy letting their group people know about all that’s super enjoyable in life.



Raya– Raya is a private network for individuals that are in the creative industry. This site is largely known as the place where celebs trawl for hook-ups, and what could be more lavish and attractive than this. This can also be called as the celeb club, so if you have been looking out truly exquisite, this is the answer to you.

Best of all worlds– Popularly known as BOAW, this application is meant for elites. It corners the royal class people and lets them have a platform where the connection is definitely limited but purely meaningful.

These are some of the exclusive social networking sites that I shall suggest to you, give a try to social media for the rich, and be surrounded by people of your class.


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