What happens if you never pay your Council Tax?

What happens if you never pay your Council Tax?

When You Haven’t spoken to us about a difficulty paying your invoice, and you miss a payment, then we will request a refund:

We’ll send you a reminder notice giving you one week to pay for

In the event you do not pay within seven days, then we will send you the last note.

Once you receive your last notice you could lose the best to cover installments, so the complete bill for that entire year immediately becomes payable

In the event you never pay the last note within seven days, then we’ll require legal actions to find the write off council tax debt you owe. The cost of the court summons will soon be included with a bill.

Summons and Liability Orders

In the event you get a summons, you will be advised of your debt and a court hearing date. At the summons hearing, the council may seek to obtain a liability order, which gives us extra forces to recover the money owed from you.

When a liability order has been obtained, this will be charged to you. You will be sent spme letters advising that you have fourteen days to pay for this debt for example costs.

In the event, you do not cover it’ll be passed to the council enforcement representatives. Instead, deductions could be taken directly from the earnings or benefits.

More details about Summons and Liability Orders (pdf)

Deductions from wages

If you are working, your employer will probably be sent to an Attachment of Earnings Order requesting them to make regular deductions from your salary along with your outstanding Council Tax.

Deductions from benefits

We may be able to utilize for deductions from the benefits to pay for your Council Tax if you’re receiving Jobseekers’ Allowance, Income Support or Pension Credit.

Enforcement brokers

If the debt has been passed to authorities agents, you will need to contact them directly to share payment of this debt.

They can get some of your belongings and sell them at a public auction to pay off your debt. You’re going to be charged further costs if the mortgage is passed to law enforcement representatives.

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